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As I write my new novel, I am also reading love letters my father wrote to my mother while he was in the Army Air Corps. There are over a thousand. They wrote to each other daily, although I only have his letters -- a true family treasure. Herein, I’ve discovered a sensitive and articulate young man, experiencing a myriad of feelings: love, homesickness, patriotism, honor, duty, and frustration with the military. Herein, I’ve found a man who has pledged his love, and who aims to keep that pledge until the day he returns home to marry his girl. Herein I have discovered an ability to express himself in ways I didn’t realize Dad was capable of through the fine art of letter writing. Here’s a little sample: 

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Last night, I was talking to a guy who’s as homesick as I am. He hasn’t received a letter from his wife in about a week. A while before the lights went out, he was laying on his bunk singing “The Last Letter” and “Oh, How I Miss You Tonight.” I can tell you, he hasn't got much of a voice for singing, but the expression he put into the songs seemed to cut right through me. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I left the room. I guess he thought I was pretty rude, but if I had stayed, he would have noticed the mist in my  eyes. The same as he had. Maybe you don’t know, but there are so many things even in an Army camp to remind me of you, and it’s hell not being able to be near you or knowing when I’ll see you again.


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A retired educator and theatre founder, Gary is excited to be embarking on an adventure that he has been dreaming about since college. Gary now divides his time between writing and his other great passion, music. A child of the 1960s, he continues to explore his relationship to art, spirituality, and politics in an effort to understand the impact these have had and continue to have on his life.


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As a family, the Scarpas have worked in partnership to create theater in the Lower Naugatuck Valley for decades. After Gary and Fran opened Center Stage Theatre in Shelton in 2005, Gina and Mia were tremendously instrumental in the success of the organization. In the process, the Scarpa family turned Center Stage into a thriving non-profit with a budget of over a half million dollars. As Gary began writing original works, he saw that the Scarpa Team had the skills to help make his venture into the world of writing successful as well.


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