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What Happened to Exit 14?

      I would like to thank the many people who supported me in my first writing venture by ordering and reading Exit 14. Writing it was a labor of love, despite the end result. 

     In August of 2020, I made the difficult but necessary decision to unpublish Exit 14, taking it off the market completely. The book is based, in part, on the real life deaths of two siblings, Peter and Elizabeth Goumas, which took place more than 50 years ago. Of course, many novels are based, to some greater or lesser extent, on real people and real events as was mine.

      When surviving members of the Goumas family tried to contact me after reading Exit 14, I sought out the counsel of a publishing lawyer who advised me that first amendment laws were completely on my side and who instructed me not to communicate with the Goumas family. 

     However, because of the sensitive nature of suicide and because I do not want my work to cause anyone pain, I chose to reconsider my lawyer's advice. 

     Consequently, I met with a member of the Goumas family, heard him out, and posted a statement here on my website and on social media stating that I would unpublish my book, that I was sorry that my novel caused the Goumas family emotional pain, and that I would be donating $1000 to a scholarship fund set up by the Goumas family in the name of their brother Peter. 

      Readers should know that any copies of Exit 14 currently seen on Amazon are sold by third party sellers, not by me, something I have absolutely no control over.

       Many thanks to the friends and readers who support my writing. Moving forward, I will be soon publishing my second novel and working on future projects.                       

Image of novel Exit 14
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